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Land & Life Foundation

EPC is proud to be supporting the Land & Life Foundation.

We believe that securing land for conservation, protecting species and providing community benefits is crucial for the survival of East Africa’s spectacular wildlife and habitats.

The Land & Life Foundation (formerly the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust) focuses on effective conservation initiatives, conservation education and assistance to communities living in close proximity to wildlife across Kenya and Tanzania.

The projects supported by EPC through the L&L Foundation are:


Passion for wildlife conservation cannot exist without knowledge about wildlife. We have made a commitment to educate the next generation of conservationists, to build a passion for wildlife in Kenya’s key conservation areas and to inspire the communities we work with to conserve Kenya’s wildlife for generations to come. We support the Wildlife Warrior Program at Ololomei.

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We support Ololomei Primary School with stationery supplies, books, desks, sports equipment and kits, uniforms, infrastructure development, and scholarships, thanks to the generosity of our safari clients.

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We provide medical supplies and equipment, free medical camps and staff capacity building, addressing the core priorities of healthcare in the Maasai Mara.

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