General Information

How to book

We recommend a stay of least 3 or 4 nights at Elephant Pepper Camp, ie two or three full days to explore the Mara. If you are planning a balloon ride then do 4 nights, as one whole morning is taken up with the balloon.

Creating a safari needs specialist consultation with local knowledge, it is not the same as booking a stay in a city hotel. If you include in your enquiry your location we can recommend a reputable upmarket tour operator close to you.

Communication in camp

Wi-Fi is available in the main area via a Vsat system. Mobile phone network is available with limited coverage. We request guests to refrain from using mobile phones in the public areas.


Elephant Pepper Camp can be considered malaria free as it is well over 4000ft with cool nights.

Tipping guide

Although a long standing safari tradition, staff tips are at guest’s discretion. Tips for the lodge staff are collected at departure, then distributed evenly to all staff members, so that even those behind the scenes receive acknowledgement of a job well done. A recommended amount is US$ 5-10 per guest per night. Guides are tipped separately and directly (same recommendation of US$5-10 per guest per day).

Power in camp

Elephant Pepper Camp runs completely on solar power, which supplies the tents with power for lighting 24hrs. Guests batteries can be charged in the office. The solar system cannot support hairdryers in the rooms. Sockets are 3pin square English, so guests are recommended to bring universal plug adaptors. The gamedrive vehicles have invertors to charge camera batteries.