The Elewana Collection

Original owners Liz and Stefano Cheli came across the Elephant Pepper Camp site over 25 years ago. Captivated by it’s wild beauty, they began bringing guests firstly on mobile safari camps, then to a semi-permanent camp that was removed once a year.

Elephant Pepper Camp now remains year round in this incredibly beautiful and game-rich area.

In 2015 Elephant Pepper Camp joined the Elewana Collection, a perfect addition to a collection of 15 boutique lodges and camps in the most iconic locations within Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.





Jaisal & Anjali Singh – Investors

Anjali & Jaisal Singh
Anjali & Jaisal Singh

Jaisal and Anjali, owners and creators of Sher Bagh luxury tented camp in Ranthambhore, and The Serai, boutique desert lodge in Jaisalmer, come from a dynasty of tiger conservationists in India, their family is entwined in the history and continuing preservation of Ranthambhore National Park.

Close friends of Liz & Stefano, and passionate about all big cats, Jaisal & Anjali fell in love with the Masai Mara and most especially, Elephant Pepper Camp – the rest is history!



Managers – Patrick & Sophie Dessy

Patrick & Sophie Dessy
Patrick & Sophie Dessy
Patrick has been in Africa for most of his life. Growing up in Rwanda, this is where his passion for African wildlife and the outdoors began. “In the hospitality/tourism business since 1994, I have worked in Egypt, South Kenya Coast, Western Gahr El Gazal, but my heart wants to stay in the bush, what I call “The Real Africa”. When I joined Elephant Pepper Camp, I found what I was looking for. My passion in the bush is the walks, so whenever you feel like walking, I will be happy to take you and share my knowledge with you.” Sophie’s first experience of Africa began as a child, in Burundi. “I lived there with my parents until I was six years old, and returned to visit as much as possible over the years. My school education was in Cyprus and university in the south of France, where I studied English and French. After my studies and working in banking, I became engaged to Patrick and finally returned to Africa.”


The Elephant Pepper Camp guides are based in camp, in the Masai Mara, and know their backyard intimately. All the guides are Silver or Bronze level Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association certified, and some of our guides have guided in this area for 20 years!

Mara North Conservancy, is a privately managed conservancy in the core of the Masai Mara, gamedriving in Mara North is restricted to those vehicles belonging to lodges within the conservancy, so Elephant Pepper guests have this outstanding part of the Masai Mara, almost to themselves. Gamedriving is outstanding, with a resident pride of lions, cheetahs and leopard; and of course the famous zebra and wildebeest migration surrounding camp in months of July – October. Being private, yet central to the vast Masai Mara eco-system, the Elephant Pepper guides have easy access to the reserve, zebra and wildebeest crossings, and outstanding gameviewing within the conservancy.